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Free Company & Business Formation

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What normally costs you $500+, now, it’s FREE!

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Limited Company, Trust, Partnership, or Sole Trader? Our FREE registration will cover this for you. Talk to us now.

How to register IRD, GST?

  ●    Should I register for GST?

  ●    Which GST frequency should I choose?

  ●    Should I use payment basis, invoice basis or hybrid?

  ●    How to register IRD?

Don’t worry, all this is also all covered in our $0 registration. Talk to us now.

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I highly recommend the team and shall certainly be engaging with them again in the future.


I am new and glad I picked Accounting4Me as my accountants and in handling my taxes. I have never had any bad experiences so far.

Maia Koa

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“We got great suggestions on how to get the most from our tax savings. I'm glad we made the decision to go with Accounting4Me.”


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Here at Accounting4Me, we give you every opportunity to discuss your business needs, tax matters, accounts requirements, and more. Go ahead and drop us an email.