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Who Is Accounting4Me ?

Accounting4Me is your own personal reliable accountant who are based in New Zealand. We not only maintain high professional standards but we also understand the local market and all accounting and financial legalities associated with running a business, meeting compliance requirements and stabilizing growth - both financial and social.

Our team of accountants are up-to-date with current business needs while being flexible enough to meet client preferences and specifications. We are happy to work with you to provide solutions to what other companies may classify as high-risk or out-of-scope. Basically, we challenge ourselves to your growth and development.

About Accounting4Me - Vision

The Vision

We look forward to expanding New Zealand's businesses of all types - new or existing. Our clients range from traders and property owners, to farmers and designers and more. We provide services that are consistently looking for ways to add even more value for our clients.


About Accounting4Me - Objective

The Objective

We embrace new ideas, continually evolve existing ones, and strive to extend our client's growth in business with getting their records straight and their taxes in order.



About Accounting4Me - Strategy

The Strategy

"Change is constant" - The same is even more true for accountants who need to stay up-to-the-minute on legislative events and their resulting effects. This is where we are of invaluable help with professionals who stay abreast of accounting and tax laws.


About Accounting4Me - Mission

The Mission

Almost all new businesses start out with limited means. For that reason, we understand a client's fears and doubts. To us, new businesses mean new opportunities to grow and work with exciting and innovative individuals who want to see their company grow.


About Accounting4Me - Team

The Team

As a team, we collectively shape accounting and taxation through our group research, networking, and combined experiences. With all of that in place, we effectively ensure our professional excellence in the field.

Why Choose Accounting4Me?

Accounting4Me exists to help expand Kiwi businesses of all types and sizes, old or new, including - traders, property owners, farmers, vacation homeowners, professionals, self-employed, online & offline business entrepreneurs, and more. But why us?

⇨ Expert accountancy calculations so there will be no mistakes.
⇨ On track with the latest and ever-changing tax laws in NZ.
⇨ Automatic e-filing of all paperwork, invoices, taxes, etc.
⇨ Keeping track of all tax payments, returns, and deadlines.
⇨ We do your Bookkeeping, SBA, and help out with your Payroll.

As a cloud-based accounting firm, wherever you are - Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, Hamilton, or even abroad, you can always contact us any time. Your business details are always safe and readily available only for you to check.

Accounting4Me Testimonial


My wife and I started our clothing business recently and neither of us had any idea about keeping accounts before. Things were obviously a bit over our heads but luckily Accounting4Me helped us navigate the ever-changing tax laws and provided the peace of mind that we were doing everything correctly. We got great suggestions on how to get the most from our tax savings. I'm glad we made the decision to go with Accounting4Me for our accounting Solutions.

HANNAH MATTHEW Co-owner, You & I Clothing
Accounting4Me Testimonial


I first discovered Accounting4Me when I was trying to manage my small business accounting. I had Clara as my accountant who took the bewildering world of bookkeeping and patiently helped teach me how to understand them. In a short period of time I was becoming proficient with balances and cheques! Still, even when I make mistakes and questions arose, Clara was always available. Working with Accounting4Me was fun! And Clara is a highly trained, professional who is pleasant to work with. I am a satisfied customer.

SOPHIE HAYDEN Manager, Used Goods Store
Accounting4Me Testimonial


Accounting4Me was a fantastic business partner. We were able to stay on track with our ledgers and taxes as well. Through virtual meetings and emails, they helped us keep our accounts in check and met with resounding success when presented to our Seniors. Accounting4Me were truly committed to our circumstances and were able to incorporate even last ­minute changes within hours and saves time.

REBECCA CONNOR Associate, Mobility
Accounting4Me Testimonial


I have worked with Accounting4Me on a vast project. They are professional and organised at all times and always delivered whatever was asked of them. They helped keep me focused with regular feedback and what my situation was like ahead of deadlines. I highly recommend the team and shall certainly be engaging with them again in the foreseeable future.

MATT MAKAIA Owner, Matt’s Workshop
Accounting4Me Testimonial


I would definitely recommend your services if someone I know is not satisfied with their accountant or just wanted to get a second opinion about their prepared taxes.

Accounting4Me Testimonial


As a small business, Accounting4Me has been the perfect find for all of our accounting needs, business advice and support. Chris and his team place customer satisfaction at the top of his agenda and backed up with all of the knowledge you could ever need to know for starting or running a business means. Any enquiry or concern is swiftly dealt with and the support is nothing less than pleasant. I couldn’t recommend Accounting4Me enough as the perfect support for your new venture.

MAIA KOA Owner, Moo Dairy Produce

“We got great suggestions on how to get the most from our tax savings. I'm glad we made the decision to go with Accounting4Me.”


Contact Details


Accounting4Me, Parnell,
Auckland, New Zealand


Always Ready To Talk

Here at Accounting4Me, we give you every opportunity to discuss your business needs, tax matters, accounts requirements, and more. Go ahead and drop us an email.