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Why Choose Accounting4Me?

Why Use New Zealand's Accounting4Me Accountants?

Why You Need An Accountant like Accounting4Me?

Staying ahead of your business plan can be troublesome when you have to manage the accounting and handle bookkeeping as well, particularly since, for most independent business owners, it'll have to be done during the weekends, late nights, or even during the holidays. Hence missing out on quality time with family and friends or taking that much-needed break from work — whatever your form of draining the pressure out is.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you're already doing a lot, on your own. The daily tasks of handling your employees (if any), or keeping up with demands from your customers, or running around after payments and debts to clear, among other things, are enough to make anyone mentally and physically exhausted. This can only lead to frustrations, bad decision making, impulsiveness, and even depression — which is the final straw, which is also what can be termed as, 'bad business practice'.

 So why do some Kiwis choose to not hire an accountant? You'd be surprised to find out that, more often than not, it is not the lack of 'money', rather, it is arrogance! Some people believe they can do everything on their own. Which, quite frankly, is a positive outlook to have, in general, but business-wise, it is not practical. Your mind and your body can only handle so much.

Investing a little money on the right accountants, like us, can go a long way in shaping your business for the better, and here's why:

 ✔   Your tax obligations are in check and on time.

 ✔   Your tax returns and expenses to claim are filed.

 ✔   Your bookkeeping is impeccable and with proofs.

 ✔   Your savings don't get mixed up with your business.

 ✔   Your chances of getting in trouble with IRD is minimal.

 ✔   You have time for your personal, family, and social life.

Besides the psychological and physical effects of doing your own accounting and bookkeeping, the room for errors is enormous. Accountants like us can indefinitely help lessen your financial mistakes by ensuring the following:

 ✔   Records are accurate.

 ✔   Documents are never lost.

 ✔   Data-entry is in order.

 ✔   Tax breaks are not missed.

 ✔   Tax payments are on time.

 ✔   Books are up-to-date.

 ✔   Tax laws are followed.

 ✔   The tax amount is reduced.

 ✔   No errors in accounting.

 ✔   Smoother cashflow.

If you were to go through and checkmark all that by yourself, whether with errors or without errors, it eventually leaves you with no time for focusing on your business affairs. And growth remains stagnant. There is no business owner in the world who does not want his or her business to grow. Or at least have an opportunity to do so.

Here at Accounting4Me, we automate your bookkeeping and basic accounting (complex accounting is done by our very own IRD tax agent), thereby removing any possibilities of losing your documents even after seven years. We remind you of when you ought to update your details including sales, expenses, payroll, inventory, and more — with minimal human involvement. All along, we check and balance your books and deal with your taxes and Inland Revenue directly so you won't have to.

An infographic on — 'Why You Need Accounting4Me'

What Does Accounting4Me Do?

Accounting4Me keeps your finances in order, hence, stopping your business from falling into a crisis by:

 ✓   Your tax obligations are in check and always on time.

 ✓   Your tax returns and expenses to claim are filed accordingly.

 ✓   Your bookkeeping is properly kept and with secured proofs.

 ✓   You know exactly how much profit your business made.

 ✓   Your chances of getting in trouble with IRD is minimal.

 ✓   You have time for your personal, family, and social life.

How Does Accounting4Me Do It?

What business owners do during the weekends, late nights, or even on holidays. Accounting4Me does that job (and more) at par with your business's progress so you can stay abreast at all times:

 ✓   Keep straight and accurate records.

 ✓   Store documents on cloud networking.

 ✓   Check that data-entry is in order.

 ✓   Ensure tax breaks are not missed.

 ✓   Avoid tax penalties by being on time.

 ✓   Confirm that bookkeeping is up-to-date.

 ✓   Follow latest tax laws and rules.

 ✓   Find ways to reduce the tax amount.

When Should I Get Accounting4Me?

There is no specific time when you should get Accounting4Me, but anytime from starting a business, to mid-way through, is perfect. Or, if any of the following applies to you:

 ✓   You need good legal business advice.

 ✓   You need to pick a business structure.

 ✓   You need help with employee salaries.

 ✓   You need help balancing debit and credit.

 ✓   You have to prepare an annual statement.

 ✓   You need to apply for a business loan.

 ✓   You are ready to delegate your business.

 ✓   Your company is growing steadily.

 ✓   You are ready to hire employees.

 ✓   You have taken on a new franchise.

 ✓   You are buying an existing business.

 ✓   Your business is being audited, soon.

Where Is Accounting4Me Located?

Everywhere. Since we are a cloud-based accounting company, our transparency is obvious. You will be able to keep track of what Accounting4Me is doing or is not doing, and will always be able to see your company's real-time data anytime, and from anywhere.

Also, we are always ready to talk, after all, we are the Accountants You Can Count On!

So why don’t you sign up with us and we can talk business then?

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