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Best Bookkeeping Checklist NZ | Bookkeeping NZ

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As the year starts off, you'll probably find that managing your business finances is not easy, in fact, it can be downright overwhelming and taxing on your livelihood. But wait, there's a way to make this easier for you. Follow this basic bookkeeping checklist to the dot, and, within a few weeks, you will surprise yourself with the results. Just remember to keep all receipts, statements, and documents for cross-checking and proofs later.



Now that you’ve seen the infographic, here is a more detailed explanation of each bullet point.



Can be done at the start, and end of the day.
Estimated time it takes: 15-30 mins total
  ❏  Start your day by checking how much cash you have on hand.
  ❏  Keep a list of incoming and outgoing payments for the day.



Can be done over the weekend.
Estimated time it takes: 2-4 hrs total
  ❏  Document customer billings & payments calculated from the daily basis list.
  ❏  Document vendor bills & payments calculated daily and/or weekly.
  ❏  Update payroll file.
  ❏  Make and document weekly vendor payments (if any).
  ❏  Prepare & send GST invoices.
  ❏  Review projected cash flow (critical for start-up businesses).



Can be done at the month-end.
Estimated time it takes: 4-6 hrs total
  ❏  Balance the checkbook.
  ❏  Review past-due customer payments and send out overdue reminder statements.
  ❏  Check inventory and analyze the status. Reorder products that sell quickly and identify others that are moving slowly.
  ❏  Process & review payroll to avoid having to make corrections during the next payroll period.
  ❏  Review profit & loss compared to budget and prior years. This highlights where you may be spending too much or not enough.
  ❏  Review month-end balance sheet versus prior year so you get a picture of how you are managing assets and liabilities.


Can be done after completing the month-end checklist.
Estimated time it takes: 1 day (including the monthly-basis)
  ❏  Review quarterly payroll reports & payments as, in most cases, IRD may require your quarterly payroll reports.
  ❏  Review Sales Tax and Make Quarterly Payments so you can stay up to date and well informed.
  ❏  Make your tax payments.
  ❏  Prepare and review annual profit & loss estimate so you can see how you are spending profits and making adjustments to improve sales and margins.



Can be done after completing all the quarterly-end checklist.
Estimated time it takes: 1-2 days
  ❏  Review past-due customer payments and send out overdue reminder statements. Just like monthly, but in its final and complete form.
  ❏  Fill out forms (if any). This will help you stay ahead of the IRD deadline.
  ❏  Carefully review your full-year financial reports before submitting them or you sign anything.
  ❏  Year-end inventory status analysis. How did the year go for you? What's left over? What services/products did better or worse than you thought? What do you need to order for next year?


Remember, your documents, statements, and receipts are important to keep for 7 years as per NZ business laws. And it might take a little while to get used to following a set procedure, but what isn't at first? If you want to not have to deal with a few of the things listed here, join us and we’ll talk.

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